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07/30/2019377.250Test aircraft Romeo in Dreamland MOA talking to controller Ramrod. Romeo is likely a Northrop aircraft from Edwards AFB. It was accompanied by Juliet 41, registration N99NG. That aircraft is a known Northrop Grumman test bed equipped with a JSTARS radome under its belly. Romeo meneuvered from 12:20am until about 2:30am testing several on-board systems, designated as Tango 1,2,5,7,8 and 9. Aircraft flew for over two hours without refueling, so it is likely a large long-range aircraft. Possibly a system integration test of the new B-21??
06/07/2019375.800Test aircraft Dragon 1 and Dragon 2 from TTR in Dreamland MOA talking to controllers Project and Blond Girl
05/20/2019 Area 51 UHF Approach/Departure North (Rainbow)
05/10/2019234.325Green Flag action in the Coyote MOA
02/14/2013275.850Test aircraft Raptor 1 in Dreamland MOA talking to controllers Bluebird and Blond Girl
02/13/2013337.500Test aircraft Greyhound 1 from TTR with on-board systems Camaro and Thunderbird in Dreamland MOA talking to controllers Ramrod and Blond Girl
02/13/2013357.500Taxi Test, likely at Area 51
09/03/2011 New EMIDS road sensor on F-4 crash site road

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