Area 51, TTR, NTTR and Dreamland Callsigns

The following is a list of radio callsigns used in the Dreamland airspace (NTTR and surrounding MOAs). Aircraft include flights out of Area 51 and TTR, as well as various other locations such as Edwards AFB, Travis AFB (tankers) and others. My logs only go back to 2019, so where "first heard" shows a month in 2019 the callsign may be in use much longer.

Last updated: 05/2021

Callsign colors: Area 51/60's Ranges || TTR/70's Ranges || AAR/MOA || Edwards || NNSS || China Lake || Misc./Unknown; Underlined: Controllers

CallsignNotesLast heardFirst heard
Acme 1-3German Tornado IDS in R-4807A04/2104/21
Acme 5German tanker in Reveille MOA04/2104/21
Baca 92Probably a B-2, from Edwards or Palmdale01/2101/21
Baja 21Tanker in Reveille MOA08/2008/20
BanditGroom adversary F-16 during proficiency training12/2012/20
Bandy 13, 14Aircraft from TTR talking to Ranch House07/1907/19
Bat 11Tanker from 174th ARS, IA ANG (62-3566)09/2009/20
Bird DogNNSS Air Space Controller09/2010/07
Bird Light?Airborne? Controlling UAV in Pack Rat Canyon and Chicken DZ, based at TTR?02/2102/21
Blond GirlR-4807A Airspace Controller, based at TTR05/2106/08
BluebirdMOA Airspace Controller (AAR, drops)04/2106/08
Bolt 1,2Exercise Aircraft, practice approach TTR04/2108/20
Bolt 1-6F-35A from 422nd TES, Nellis AFB and 31st TES, Edwards AFB with Death 7202/2102/21
BreachTTR (ECR?) Mission Controller10/2007/19
Chaco 11, 12From China Lake talking to Ranch House07/1907/19
Chopper 61,62Mission in 4806W with Predator, Crazy05/2105/21
Coffee TreeR-4806W (or 4808A?) Airspace Controller based at Area 51 (controls WTR)05/2105/19
Condor 92B-2 from Whitman AFB05/1905/19
ControlArea 51 Approach/Departure12/20?
Copper 04Tanker from AZ ANG with Knight 20,2105/2103/21
Coso 52Aircraft from TTR12/2012/20
Coso 61Aircraft from Edwards in R-4807A07/2007/20
Crazy 81,82Mission in 4806W with Predator, Chopper05/2105/21
DarkstarGroom AWACS during proficiency dogfight03/2112/20
Death nnB-2 from Whiteman AFB04/2107/19
Dragon 1,2,3Aircraft out of TTR, maneuvering (Brits)06/1905/19
DreamlandDreamland Air Space Check-in05/212003?
Energy nnNNSA Aircraft (ENRGY)11/2010/07
Extender nnTanker from Travis AFB04/2102/20
GearboxArea 51 tower for mission aircraft04/2109/19
Ghost nnTanker from Edwards AFB05/2106/19
GodfatherTTR (EW Range?) Mission Controller09/1910/17
Greyhound 1N654BA out of TTR in Range 71&76; calibration runs before mission
also: N661BA in X-Ray MOA
GrizzlyArea 51 Security? Controller04/2110/19
GroundhogArea 51 Tower for chase aircraft?04/2107/19
Husker 55Tanker from Lincoln, NE refueling Jester 61 in EC South09/2009/20
Indy 51F-22 from Edwards AFB (#08-4159, 27th FS)07/2007/20
Jester nnF-35 from Edwards AFB (461st Flight Test Squadron)05/2102/19
Juliet 41N99NG registered to Northrop Grumman, chase plane for Romeo07/1907/19
Killer 52,53F-22? from Nellis, with Sour 5504/2104/21
Knight nnF-117 from TTR05/2107/19
Lehi nnB-2 from Plant 42 in Palmdale maneuvering at different roll/pitch/speed12/2012/19
Lone StarAircraft talking to Ramrod04/2104/21
MustangJoint Terminal Attack Controller (simulated weapons drop)03/2103/21
Mullet 01,02Aircraft from China Lake01/2001/20
Oger 1Test aircraft from Area 51, different roll and pitch12/2005/20
OutlawArea 51 Mission Controller03/2105/20
Predator61,62Mission in 4806W with Crazy, Chopper05/2105/21
ProjectMission controller, Dragon 1+2 (British)06/1906/19
Quake 11-13Test aircraft from TTR07/1907/19
RainbowArea 51 Helicopter Control05/2104/19
RamrodNTTR Master Mission Controller / SOF?, based at TTR05/2106/08
Ranch HouseTTR Mission Controller07/1910/17
Rancher 1,2,3Area 51 ground systems?09/2005/20
Raptor 1F-22 from Nellis/Edwards AFB09/2007/20
Raptor 21F-22A, #04-4083 from Edwards AFB04/2104/21
Rat 41Test aircraft out of Area 5105/1905/19
Rat 55USAF NT-43A (#73-1155), airborne IR and radar test bed operating out of Area 5110/2008/20
Raven 91/92Probably V-22 Ospreys03/0803/08
Rico 92B-2 from Whiteman AFB07/2004/20
Rogue 11,12Vis.conf. took off from TTR, F-15 sized jets, classic wings, came from "canyons"11/1911/19
RomeoTest aircraft, likely Northrop (B-21??), referencing target/test points "Tango"07/1907/19
Sabre 1,2,3Mission aircraft in R-4806W, Caliente MOA; proficiency flight03/2106/08
Sabre 21Aircraft in 60's ranges talking to Grizzly04/2010/19
Sabre 31Area 51 Chopper, calibration drops in WTR with Unclog, Rainbow05/2104/19
Sabre 38Area 51 Chopper? Calling Rainbow04/1904/19
Sabre 41Chase/photo aircraft, F-16D from Area 5106/2104/21
Sabre 42Test/chase aircraft from Area 5110/2007/20
Sabre 45Beech Janet N661BA03/2103/21
Sabre 51,52Mission Aircraft05/2108/20
Sabre 61-63Area 51 chase aircraft, with Coffee Tree, Gearbox and Grizzly04/2109/19
Sabre 69Area 51 mission aircraft, with Gearbox04/2109/19
Sabre 71-73Aircraft from TTR(?) to Outlaw, Rancher1,205/2005/20
Sabre 71,72Aircraft from Area 51 with Ramrod,Grizzly10/2012/19
Sabre 93Test aircraft from Area 5111/2011/20
Sabre 98Area 51 security chopper08/2006/19
Scan 04,05Two modified Bombardier CRJ7 registered to Northrop (N804X, N805X); Avionics test beds02/2102/21
Selfie 1AirTec DC-3 C-GOOU flying tight patterns over Area 51 and TTR08/2008/20
Sierra 98,99Tanker from Travis AFB / Fairchild AFB01/2106/08
Sour 55From Edwards, with Killer 52, 5304/2104/21
StagecoachArea 51 Ground Test Controller08/2003/20
Storm 51Mission aircraft (F-35B, 461st FLTS, Edwards AFB, tail #168313)04/1904/19
Swan 61-63Test aircraft (61 and 62 from Area 51, 63 from Nellis, "Raptor 1" on Dreamland freq07/1905/19
Thunder 92B-2 from Whiteman AFB01/2109/20
Tiger 11,12,723x B-2 from Whiteman AFB, weapons test or drop in R-4809A07/2007/20
Toga 79Tanker during exercise02/2108/20
Ugly 21Area 51 chopper flying mission in R-4807A11/2011/20
UnclogR-4808A/North Range? Mission Controller12/2005/19
Utah 81Tanker (191st ARS, UT ANG) refueling Raptor 103/2104/19
Vampire nnF/A-18 or F-35C of VX-9, China Lake03/2006/08
Viking 51F-22 from Edwards AFB in EC South09/2009/20
Viper 1,2F-16 from 422TES, Nellis AFB08/2008/20
WizardR-4806W (or R-4808A?) Mission Controller04/2104/20

Area 51 Callsigns

Before 02/2021 aircraft talking to Area 51 tower or control used an alternate call sign. There were two "call signs of the month," one for Janets and one for mission aircraft. Both call signs changed every month. Since 02/01/2021 these alternate call signs are no longer used. Janets now identify as "Janet" on the Area 51 tower frequency and most Area 51 mission aircraft now use the "Sabre" call sign. For historic purposes below is a list of alternate call signs used in the past.

MonthArea 51 JanetsArea 51 Mission
02/2021 and laterJanetSabre

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