Mysterious Radio Sites around Area 51

This radio site was discovered by Chuck Clark in November 2002. It is located on a ridge about 1.6 miles inside the perimeter, in a remote area between the North Gate and Area 51. It can not be seen from any of the dirt roads, and it is unknown how long it has been there.

The design reminds of a cellphone site, with three vertical antenna elements arranged around a pole at 120 degrees offset to each other. It looks like the elements haven been optimized for the location. Two of the elements are slightly tilted downward for better coverage in the valleys on both sides of the ridge. The third vertical element on the right points along the ridge towards the North Gate guard shack.

The cables are kept far away from the pole, perhaps to avoid interference problems. This would indicate high frequencies. A solar panel and an electronics box can be seen on the ground, to the right of the pole.

It may be a communications relay site for the old Area 51 security radio system, which is no longer used. Nearby sites for the NTTR trunking system are located on Bald Mountain, Cedar Peak and Papoose Mountain. If you have any further information we appreciate your input. Photo by Chuck Clark, with friendly permission.

Unlike the site above, this one can be seen from one of the dirt roads leading to the Area 51 perimeter. It is located about 0.6 miles inside the restricted area, and has been there for a while. The solar panel is pointed roughly south. This may be a relay site for the road sensors around Area 51. Photos taken 1/27/2003.

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