New Area 51 Road Sensors

In early 2003 Chuck Clark and I found a new type of road sensor around Area 51. The sensors are similar in design to the older sensors, but more compact and obviously newer. They are currently active and in use. The transmitter and sensor unit are buried in the dirt, and only the antenna is visible.

The sensors are part of the Mini Intrusion Detection Systems (MIDS) by Qual-Tron, Inc.. The new Passive Infrared Intrusion Sensors are also part of that system.

The photos below were taken in late January and early February of 2003. Only a few days after Chuck and I discovered them, all sensors around Area 51 were retrofitted with delay timers, which makes it much more difficult to locate them. Click on any photo to enlarge.

As of Summer 2016 a slightly modified version of these sensors is still in use. There are approximately 30 sensors in Sand Spring Valley and at least 50 sensors in Tikaboo Valley.

Where is Waldo? Only the antenna is visible   The sensor is buried in the dirt. Partially uncovered in this photo

The transmitter unit; some are marked as "U.S. Government Property"   The sensor unit is buried near the road

The transmitter is powered by four parallel 9V batteries   Each transmitter has a different code; this one is set to "027"

The bottom of the transmitter: Connector to the sensor (right), test button and a connector that is usually covered with a rubber cap. Likely a data port to program the frequency etc.

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