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Message posted by n01_b4_flash (Member since 01/29/2012) on December 05, 2023 at 12:15:10 PST:


firstly, let me appologize to approach with such bad quality and shaky clip. This is a video I captured from atop of Tikaboo on my last visit in October. I already reported I was lucky enough to record a video and photograph two fastmovers that came to base one after another in a short time. The video shows one of them. The other one I managed to photograph.

Of course I recorded the video in total darkness so this is nowhere to be a clear shot but taxiway blue lights are much helpful here. The more I look the stronger I feel the aircraft skidding on the runway is, and this may be a long shot on me, a F-117 Nighthawk. If you take a look to the lights to the right from the taxiway while the aircraft is passing and outshines the blue lights, you can vaguely distinctive its shape and dimensions that in my bet(and of course I sure may be wrong) matches with general shape and size of the -117.

Another thing I've noticed today, just a moment ago, is the white strobe light. Strobe lights, also known as anti-collision lights, are flashing white lights located on the wingtips of an aircraft. On some planes, these lights flash in rapid bursts, while on most aircraft, they flash in the regular on/off manner.

Now, what I wonder about is the moment when the strobe light flashes soo high above the aircraft in 0:12 sec of the video and comparing to other flashes that moment clearly stands out as evidently the light seems to be located higher than other times seen on the video. It may be simply an optical illusion as the video is sheaky but hmm... makes me wonder. I'm not voting for anything or doesn't take one side or another, as I simply don't know what I'm looking at and ask you to take a look. Maybe together we will get to some better conclusions.

Okay, I'm gonna link the video here for your expertise:

What do you guys think? YouTube seems to keep the quality of the original video but in case anyone would like to take a better look and do some researches on the file, I may send the original one privately.

Attached link: YouTube Fastmover video


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