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Message posted by jklier (Member since 07/22/2001) on December 08, 2021 at 12:30:55 PST:

I worked my way through college as a photographer for a large newspaper so I know a bit about photography. I don't know all of the specs for the equipment you are looking at but my best guess for what you would be giving up with the Coolpix or any other all-in-one option would be aperture. That is simply the amount of light that the lens can gather and put through to the sensor at a given shutter speed. The more light the lens can gather the faster shutter speed you can use. That is desirable for catching fast action or keeping blur from camera shake to a minimum. That's why you see those lenses with the enormous glass at football games and other sporting events. The reason I mentioned the Coolpix is it has stabilization built in along with a lot of magnification so it just might work well up there. I'm curious to know. Anyway, that's my best guess without knowing all of the equipment specs.

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