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Message posted by CHetz (Member since 07/14/2020) on December 08, 2021 at 12:18:38 PST:

Actually I'm seriously considering that as one of my options after poking around some camera rental websites last night after making this post. 3000mm optical zoom seems great for the job, but the main selling point for me was the price.

Using for example which is the website Peter Forkes recommended for rentals, for a 1 day rental the Canon 800mm is $289, which is fairly reasonable compared to other sites, and the Canon R6 is $76 with the 2x extender being $20 for a combined total of $385.

The Nikon Coolpix P1000, on the other hand, will only set you back $38, and doesn't require an additional lens or extender. Plus you get an extra 1400mm of zoom.

I don't know much about photography, so why is it so much cheaper? I don't care about superb quality, even if the 800mm is slightly better I'd be willing to sacrifice that to save myself $350. Do you think the P1000 would be enough to take a decent photo? because if that's the case, I'm sold

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