E-8 in Western Kentucky

Message posted by Vandalia (Member since 12/31/2015) on May 12, 2021 at 11:43:07 PST:

This isn't Area 51 or TTR related, but it may have a connection.

There has been an E-8 JSTARS that has been doing racetrack patterns over Western Kentucky for over a year. Usually under the call-sign PEACH 32. The tracks are with almost RC-135 precision and average out to probably a couple of times a week in the middle of the day.

This seems unusual from a training perspective, since you would think they would want to train in different environments, and there is little value to the aircrew since they aren't doing "touch-and-gos." It also flies between - yet avoids - Fort Knox and Fort Campbell.

However, we know that the AF wants to migrate this mission to a number of different platforms. Is it possible this "test pilot" level of flying precision exists to "tune" the E-8 sensors with the "vast network of aircraft, sensors, weapons, and data analytics systems" which is meant to replace it?

Now, this may reach "tin foil" level, but I have realized over the last month or so that the missions are generally flown in air conditions with no contrails or cloudy weather. Is there something else up there flying much higher?


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