Update 3

Message posted by Vandalia (Member since 12/31/2015) on May 17, 2021 at 15:20:55 PST:

No E-8 on ADSB today.

However a tanker from Grissom ARB flew down and flew what would seem to be an air refueling profile pretty much along the same track as the previous E-8 racetrack pattern and then flew back.

I can see three possibilities:

1) Someone is reading this board and they turned off ADS-B. I think that is unlikely given that this region sees a fair amount of air traffic, particularly with UPS aircraft coming out of Louisville.

2) A hypothetical companion aircraft that did not use ADS-B was flying alone today but also needs refueling. I have never seen a fighter or bomber with ADS-B on, so plausible. Given the AF proposal for JSTARS (non)replacement this would seem to be reasonable.

3) The tanker decided to fly down to Western KY for the heck of it; or more likely refueled unrelated fighters, etc.

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