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Message posted by Vandalia (Member since 12/31/2015) on May 13, 2021 at 11:25:05 PST:

Again, no contrails.

The pattern is exactly the same as all the previous ones to within yards/meters.

Also of interest was that there was a KC-135 that went back and forth on a parallel track (JEEP 41) at a speed, track and altitude that I have seen them due refueling on before. Nothing on ADS-B. No contrails and partly cloudy so difficult to see anything with the eye if you don't have the track.

This matches my theory that there is something else out there that they are correlating the JSTARS data with.

JEEP 41 took off from Selfridge in Michigan, did some touch-and-goes and then flew straight down to this racetrack, did what appears to be an air refueling pass (not with PEACH 99) and then is flying straight back to Michigan.


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