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Message posted by Q-nimbus (Member since 08/20/2020) on April 08, 2021 at 7:59:00 PST:

A SR-71 or F-117 seems the most plausible possibility, as it seems higly likely it involved an American airframe (if the stories of USAF C-5's etc. are true)

But then I'm reasonably sure that if that was the case, we would have known about it by now, 27 years later. There is no need to keep it secret - both airframes were declassified by then, and there have been plenty of crashes that have been declassified. So that makes me think that there might have been something strange going on back then; if not an exotic aircraft, then certainly a highly, highly sensitive and classified mission by a known aircraft.

The one big problem with this theory is that hunderds, or maybe even thousands of non-Americans must have been involved or have been a witness. That Americans can keep their secrets that long, unlikely, but well, maybe. But it's strange that not a single Brit has spilled the beans over what he or she saw that day, something I consider unlikely if an exotic highly classified aircraft was involved. People like to talk, you know.

Also, one of the big guys who dug into this story is Nick Cook, you know, the guy who thinks the Nazi's were onto anti-gravtiy propulsion, and that the Americans perfected it.... well...

So my guess is a SR-71 or F-117 at best, but quite probably something much, much more mundane and ordinary.

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