Re: Boscombe Down incident

Message posted by Q-nimbus (Member since 08/20/2020) on April 09, 2021 at 5:58:25 PST:

Are those 2 yet to be declassified airframes operational and something we already know about like the Stealth Hawk, NGAD and the YF113G, or something else entirely?

I would be very surpised if there were any operational airframes in the past 30 years that we know nothing about. Quite probably a few test beds and prototypes remain under wraps.

Compare it with the NRO; they are maybe the most secretive agency except for the Special Collection Service, yet still we know about each of their satellites, even the stealth ones, and we even have a general idea of their capabilities. The same applies for the F117 and stealth drones; we knew they were flying something within a few years after they started flying, and that was well before the internet and cellphone camera's.

I would be surprised if the USAF can hide their operational airframes longer than a few years.

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