Area 51 Panorama
taken from White Sides in May 1994

Click on any photo for a large high-resolution version

This awesome never before published 12-picture panorama of the Groom Lake installation was taken in May 1994 from White Sides. It was shot with a 1000mm lens, about 20 minutes after sunrise. The camera was mounted on a tripod to avoid vertical shift between the individual photos. It shows some interesting details, including the seldom photographed installations north of Area 51, including Slater Lake (#11) and the roads to Yucca Flat in the Nevada National Security Site via Station 700 (#11, upper left) and to the Rachel Back Gate (#11, upper right, and #12).

Photos by Chuck Clark, with friendly permission. To purchase this panorama as a set of 12 prints (4"x6"), send a check for $15 to: Chuck Clark, P.O. Box 391, Saint Johns, AZ 85936-0391.

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