Michał Rokita
Field Investigator and Photographer

My name is Michał Rokita, a passionate and driven individual with a strong interest in aviation, especially on a military level. Throughout my life, I have always been curious about technology and - particularly - speed. I believe in continuously learning and growing, which has led me to start my desert activities and trips to distant and remote Western US places. With my skills and dedication, I am eager to contribute to learn more about aviation related subjects every day.

This all started around 2010 when my father mentioned to me about UFOs. As a teenager, I was amazed to read all accounts and sighting reports from people who claimed to have seen things out of this world. I need to admit this - I was a believer at the time and thought the sleek, small grey creatures were indeed real! I remember tons of articles and internet news and plots I used to read at the time. This was a kind of hobby that I grew with. Not a long time after that, I began to wonder: "hmm... isn't it a little dubious that flying discs and creatures are real? Why does that phenomenon occur only in specific places on Earth whilst other parts of the world remain silent and not filled with thousands of sighting reports? Maybe this is all a hoax and disinformation?... " and so on, and so on...

One day, when lying on my bed, I realized that grey aliens and extraterrestrial life forms are nothing more than the effects of a vivid imagination. I may not have reached that conclusion if I had not repeatedly read the same articles over and over again... You probably ask why that is so important and why I intended to do this?...

That is a good question and I'm happy to provide the answer - I did notice some forms of human habits. When you first read or hear about something your mind focuses on the most important parts of a story. Then upon repeat it catches smaller bits on information and in the end, it tends to compare the whole picture to different, already known, stories, information and publications. This was a key in all this, really. I discovered that more than 75% of UFO related stuff is exactly the same information, woven together using different words. I find it interesting as it allows me to establish something - people see what they wants to see and they build their stories based on the experience they collected in the past. This is very prominent. So... if most reports could be classified as imagined and not true, then, is there really an advanced, unadvertised and not yet acknowledge technology out there, among us? If I were to write a book this would be a point I would make in the first chapter... as this is where I started to educate myself about the real and indeed true things - the black side of military aviation - Black Projects.

I first visited the Dreamland Resort website in 2010 and since then it became one of my main websites that I used to educate myself from. I was in middle school back then and my deepest aviation dream was to visit the US Western test ranges and to see it all with my own eyes... I have to say it stayed with me for all those years and in 2022 I completed my first trip to the ranges! I want to come back and do as many expeditions as I can, it's my main interest today and each trip gives me more appetite to visit the ranges again. My main achievements to the present day are:

I am also the author of several high-resolution panoramas of both Groom Lake and Tonopah Test Range. I'm also a YouTube video creator - On my channel "n01_b4_flash" I publish videos from my trips to the ranges. You are all invited to visit my YouTube profile and if you find it interesting - please subscribe to it for more vids.

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