Aerial Panorama of TTR, November 14, 2020

This aerial panorama of TTR was taken on Saturday, November 14, 2020 from a private aircraft flying along the northern boundary of the Tonopah Test Range in public airspace. Publication on Dreamland Resort with friendly permission by the pilot and photographer. Click image to enlarge.

Our April 2020 photos showed the south end of the runway under construction. That construction appears to be complete and the runway markings indicate that it is once again usable at the full length. The Janet ramp at the south (left) end of the flight line is still under construction. The car pool vehicles normally parked here are still parked at the temporary terminal further north, near the Delta Ramp.

There are no changes at the new taxiway "stub" north (right) of the Delta Ramp first seen in our April 2020 photos. We still expect a new ramp to be developed here in the future.

There are several vehicles, trailers and possibly some small buildings or construction tents on the lot south of the fuel tanks. That lot showed some earth moving activity in our April photos. Construction in that area is clearly still going on.

Considering the amount of gravel and other construction materials being brought into TTR there is surprisingly little change since April. There is either major construction activity in another part of the range or whatever is being done is not easily visible from the air.

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