Aerial Photos of TTR, April 5, 2020

The aerial photos below were taken on Sunday, April 5, 2020 from a private aircraft flying along the northern boundary of the Tonopah Test Range in public airspace. Publication on Dreamland Resort with friendly permission by the pilot and photographer.

The Tonopah Test Range airport seen from the north-west just outside the restricted air space. The double row of hangars were used for the F-117 Stealth Fighter project in the 1980's after the project graduated from Area 51. Today the bottom (northern) group of hangars houses the remaining operational F-117. The next group of hangars is used for storage of the decommissioned F-117. Together these hangars form the Delta Ramp.
Then follows the squadron building complex and hangars used for "foreign technology" being evaluated at TTR (Charlie Ramp). The larger hangars with a separate ramp ((Bravo Ramp) are mostly maintenance and general purpose. The Janet terminal on the Alpha Ramp is all the way in the back. More on that below. The complex of buildings to the left of the maintenance hangars is the base headquarters. Click to enlarge.

Close-up of the ramp areas and of the runway. A section of the far (south) end of the runway has been dug up. A new arresting gear is being installed there. If you look closely you can see that a similar section on the other end of the runway has been re-paved also after new arresting gear was installed there also. Temporary runway markings on the far end mark the new touchdown zone for the shortened runway.
Re-paving of taxiway Bravo appears to be complete and now taxiway Alpha is being re-paved. Also, the entire Alpha Ramp (Janet ramp) has been dug up and prepared to be re-paved. During the construction the temporary Janet terminal is at the Delta Ramp (see below).
As our reader Vern pointed out there is a new taxiway stub north of the Delta Ramp (in the foreground on the left). We will likely see a new Echo Ramp there in the near future. Possibly for the B-21? The size and shape of the ramp and any new hangars there may tell us more. Click to enlarge.

TTR seen from the north. Some of the roads to the surrounding radar and comm sites and other facilities can be seen. The road in the foreground leads to the main TTR gate which is off Hwy 6 near Tonopah. Click to enlarge.

Close-up of the base headquarters and the Alpha and Bravo ramps. The dug up Janet ramp is clearly visible near the empty parking lot. The previously undeveloped lot just south of the fuel tanks is also being prepared for a rather large construction project. Click to enlarge.

Close-up of the Charlie and Delta ramps and the squadron building complex. The previously empty lot just east of the Delta ramp has been converted into a parking lot for base vehicles. There are even three buses parked in front of the building. This area of the ramp is used as a temporary Janet terminal while the Janet Ramp is being re-paved. Click to enlarge.

Construction work at taxiway Alpha even on a Sunday? The two photos were taken less than a minute apart. The excavator on the left is clearly moving.

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