The Las Vegas Janet Terminal

The Janet terminal is located in a fenced-off area in the northwest corner of Las Vegas International Airport. It is surrounded by a large parking lot, with approximately 1740 marked parking spaces for cars and 72 spaces for motorcycles. Lately the parking lot has been about 85% full on any given workday. With an estimated 10% car-pooling and 60% of flights going to Groom, we can assume over 1000 workers commuting to Area 51 and about 700 to TTR.

The terminal can be seen from the higher floors of the hotels around the LV Blvd./Tropicana Ave. intersection, especially from rooms on the east side of the Luxor and in the south tower of the Tropicana. The street level view from Haven St in the west and Mandalay Bay Rd. in the north is mostly blocked with privacy fencing.

The Janet terminal sits on parcel 162-28-303-013, managed by the Clark County assessor's office. According to the records, its owner is:
          PO BOX 11005
          LAS VEGAS NV 89111-1005

Click here for an aerial view of the terminal parcel.

Ownership of the Janet Terminal parcel was transferred to the current owner in December 2005 or early January 2006. It was previously owned by "PAGE AIRPORT SERVICES INC LEASE".

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The Janet terminal at Las Vegas International Airport, seen from the Tropicana Island Tower. This photo was taken on Tuesday, February 10, 2004 in the early afternoon. Two Janet 737's are parked at the terminal. The one on the right has just landed and the first workers, returning from the early shift at Area 51, are just getting out. A wall, also visible in this photo, blocks the view from most street-level locations on Haven Street and Hacienda Ave.

This closeup shows the Area 51 workers getting out of the Janet plane, passing through the gate on the right side of the terminal building, and getting into their cars to drive home. No suits or uniforms; everyone is dressed very casual.

This photo was taken on a holiday (1/20/2003), when the terminal was closed. Five of the six Boeing 737 Janets are parked on the ramp behind the terminal. On the left, tail numbers "N4529W" (front) and "N5294E", on the right "N5294M" (front), "N5175U" and "N5176Y". The parking lot in front of the building is nearly empty because of the holiday. However, there are always some vehicles there, indicating that there is always a "core" crew present at Area 51 and TTR.

The sixth Janet 737 plane, "N5177C", is parked in a slot on the left of the terminal building. There is an interesting unmarked white bus parked all the way in the back of the parking lot. Model Blue Bird LTC, Military license plate "99B01527".

Construction of new hangars north of the Janet terminal conveniently obstructs the view of the terminal from the Tropicana hotel. Photo taken February 2006, by Joshua Nyhus. With friendly permission. Click image to enlarge

View of the Janet ramp and terminal from the long-term parking garage of the airport in the east. Photo taken February 2006, by Joshua Nyhus. With friendly permission. Click image to enlarge

The same view in June 2009. It shows all of the new 737-600's, including the latest addition, N365SR on the far right. That parking position, just outside the maintenance shop, is referred to as the "wash rack". N5176Y, facing the Luxor pyramid, is being replaced by N365SR and is about to be retired. That leaves N5175U, in front of the terminal building, as the last of the original 737-200's still in service. It will likely be replaced as well within the next couple of months.

N273RH parked at the Las Vegas Janet ramp in July 2014.

N859WP in front of the Las Vegas Janet terminal in July 2014. The gate area used by Area 51 workers can be seen behind the aircraft's nose.

This 12/28/2023 photo shows the airfield side of the Las Vegas Janet terminal. Two boarding gates are clearly visible, one of them with a view screen around the gate area. The slightly lighter colored part on the left of the building's second story was added in summer of 2018. Thanks to the anonymous photographer for sharing this rare shot!

The Janet gate area from a different angle

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