Janet Tail Numbers

Here is a list of all Janet aircraft as of 10/08/2009. All planes are registered to the Department Of The Air Force. Source: FAA Aircraft Registration Database. According to the database there are a few other planes registered to that agency, but they appear to be stationed in unrelated locations.

Click on the tail number for more information and in most cases a photo of that particular aircraft.

Tail #Ser.#Mode-STypeBuiltRegisteredNotes
N319BD28649A3685DBoeing 737-66N200130-Oct-2008Arrived in Las Vegas Nov.10, 2008
N869HH28650ABF0FDBoeing 737-66N200108-Dec-2008Arrived in Las Vegas Dec.22, 2008
N859WP28652ABCAC9Boeing 737-66N200103-Mar-2009Arrived in Las Vegas March 6, 2009
N273RH29890A2B320Boeing 737-600200130-Mar-2009Arrived in Las Vegas April 17, 2009
N365SR29891A4207FBoeing 737-600200127-May-2009Arrived in Las Vegas June 12, 2009
N288DP29892A2EC0CBoeing 737-600200102-July-2009Arrived in Las Vegas July 16, 2009
N20RAUB-42A19122Beech 1900June 198528-Jul-1988 
N623RAUC-163A822DABeech 1900C199105-Jan-2006Replacement for N27RA
N654BABL-54A89BB0Beech B200C198230-May-1989 
N661BABL-61A8B80ABeech B200C198231-May-1989 
N662BABL-62A8BBC1Beech B200C198230-May-1989 
Retired / Destroyed
N27RAUB-37A2A59BBeech 1900CMarch 198528-Jul-1988Destroyed in crash March 16, 2004
N4529W20785A57D32Boeing 737-275197313-Feb-1996Retired: Last flight Nov.7, 2008
N5294M20694A6AD4DBoeing 737-253 (T43A)197417-Mar-1994Retired: Last flight Jan.26, 2009
N5177C20693A67EC0Boeing 737-253 (T43A)197417-Sep-1992Retired: Last flight March 6, 2009
N5294E20691A6AD46Boeing 737-253 (T43A)197417-Mar-1994Retired: Last flight April 17, 2009
N5176Y20692A67EB1Boeing 737-253 (T43A)197417-Sep-1992Retired: Last flight July 17, 2009
N5175U20689A67E8ABoeing 737-253 (T43A)197417-Sep-1992Retired: Last flight Aug.10, 2009

Registered to Department Of The Air Force, P.O. Box 1504, Layton, UT 84041-6504
Registered to Department Of The Air Force, 6082 Fir Ave Bldg 1232, Hill AFB, UT 84056-5820
Not sending its assigned Mode-S code
Sometimes still flying with Mode-S code AC4A86 of temp. registration N891RD

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