Re: Area 51 Still Worth Visiting? & Some 90s Nostalgia

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Message posted by n01_b4_flash (Member since 01/29/2012) on May 29, 2024 at 12:10:33 PST:


You are welcome, Ellie. I'm so glad my words make you feel comfortable and clarified your doubts and I'm happy you found my tips interesting and close your heart.

To extend on your question about that outstanding, other-worldly, almost specious looking sky at night and Milky Way - I have a good comparision in my mind that I guess will describe it to a "T". That special scenerio, on a night sky, in a lonely desert may be compared to seeing Northern Lights changing shapes in the Northern part of Norway(I will refer to Tromso as this is a place I visited for that purpose). The common thing here is not about lights itself, it's about atmosphere at the place and romantic climate it generates = it's almost exactly same in both examples, at least for me. When I visited Tromso looking for Northern Lights I was amazed with the atmosphere that this small town has, as beside the obvious main factor that led me to visit the place - northern lights - it ruled out that the sky there never mades white, in other words, there is a dusk all day long(of course we speaking here about December). Additionaly, there are lots of romantic accents that you can spot on the streets, like small glowing hearths on the number of buildings. Things like that. All over the place. All that unique scenerio makes you feel like being close to heaven because your mind tends to work or stimulate on a different mode due to specific lightening that the place has. Your mind feel relaxed and you are just happy with any minute you spend there. You want more.

...the same thing happens with that beautiful Nevada desert. Although scheme and location is totally different and there is no so warm colours around you, the climate makes you feel like being close to heaven too. I already made that same comparision in one of my trip reports from one of my expeditions last year. That said, when you are sitting there at the top of the Tikaboo Peak everything fades, there are miles of desert floor surrounding you, a scenery of mystery touches you and when looking up you seeing this - a beautiful set of stars on a blackish-blue, yet in total darkness complately black, background = sky. When looking down you see miles of lights emitted by your favourite military base, the blue taxiway lights and other lights that infrastructure generates. The wind is blowing building you an impression of secrecy and unknown. You may feel a little scary sometimes, expecially when temperature degrees, but anyway, you sill love it. You want for these moments to last as long as they can and you forget about most of issues and problems that affects your daily living.
Then, after a night, the first rays of the Sun illuminates desert floor and all mother nature borns again, every single day from the beginning. Soon after it, you spots shades of building begans brighter and after the Sun highrises to its enough point, you are seeing your favourite base in first light. That is outstanding! Now after all that, you know you are in right place at right time. I felt in love in that place. If you are a synthesizer person, you know what I'm speaking about here and what emotions you feel. Beside my main interest and hobby, which is military aviation and black programs, I think I still cannot wait to visit the area again as this part of the World just makes me feel like being in my own very best place.

If you want to feel the climate of the place and see what I referred to in above description of a sky, sunrise and sunset conditions, feel free to email me, I think I will be able to show you several pictures I was able to take during my expeditions that describes the atmosphere of the place in a very good way.

Kindest regards,
Michał "n01_b4_flash" Rokita

In Reply to: Re: Area 51 Still Worth Visiting? & Some 90s Nostalgia posted by Ellie on May 29, 2024 at 10:30:20 PST:


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