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Message posted by themadgenius (Member since 08/22/2010) on July 27, 2023 at 15:51:29 PST:

I believe as a community we should discuss this! At the same point in time, it is going to be very tough to discuss because this is one of the most knowledgeable forums about black projects and security clearances on the internet. Not only are there members here that are active within programs but also were once active within black programs.

The depth and knowledge that is forum has is nothing short of incredible! Then the David Grusch testified under OATH before Congress about what he found or discovered, and it is nothing short of breathtaking! There was the testimony of Fravor and Graves, which, we've heard before and whose stories have been echoed by other pilots. Their encounters next to Grusch's testimony was child's play.

It has rendered me speechless! The large part of this community believe in the traditional sense that America has top secret technology being developed by various aerospace companies and the like of various technologies under Classified National Security premises and systems. There are NO ET's or Alien Space Craft from other worlds. Just brillant minds at work inventing amazing technology.

In Grusch testimony he was given completed access to all Top Secret and Compartmentalized programs and I'm wondering due to possible Government complacency if when he was given access, he discovered information that he wasn't ever supposed to find due to this complacency.

By all accounts his fellow colleagues vouch for him and credentials. So, we know he is not a crackpot like Bob Lazar. Verified positions within the U.S. government. Verified Collegiate Record.

Is it possible there has existed this program or programs that he testified to? After his public testimony he did follow up with more direct evidence with names and locations. It makes me think back to what Annie Jacobson wrote in her book. Sounds crazy!? But what if it is real? The implications if even 50% of it is truthful will re-write history it seems or maybe he is lying to Congress, but he did discover something and if you truly believe his testimony it's worth discussing rationally and logically.

It should give this forum pause because it would also mean that there is a security system deeper than we know. Where only a very few have been briefed with funds being misappropriated and unsanctioned technology being create or reverse engineered without oversight.

I would love to hear other viewpoints about whether such deep secrecy could exist? What possible locations? How would this security apparatus work? Is this all BS or have we've been given bread crumbs to something much deeper that is being kept secret?

In Reply to: Congressional UAP Briefing posted by Casper on July 27, 2023 at 12:59:34 PST:


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