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Thank you for reply!

Heard of some specific US project that used Machrihanish as a supplement base from the early 90's up to 1998. There were visual sightings reported as of it being connected with pulsating sound and deep roar. Probably F-111 size aircraft type with very sleek and fast looking body. Some reports says the specific kind of exotic fuel was kept at the base during the same time so putting 2+2 gaves bigger picture. Did you hear similar accounts?

If Machrihanish wasn't UK's Area 51, then it probably was used for US shadow projects, at least IMO. Would you agree?

As for the fastmoving radar blimps that were real and were caused by something indeed advanced and classified to this day... without getting too deep into things... was it caused by myriad of fastmovers that were manned or rather early UAV's/UCAV's?

Seems the radar blimps and phenomena died sometime in the 90's with reports being reported until Mid-90's... is it when the classified system(or systems if myriad or plural) was retired/stopped being used?

Would tie with initial SR-71 retirenment... would you agree?


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