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Message posted by Smythers (Member since 01/10/2010) on September 07, 2021 at 8:55:39 PST:

As an emergency divert base as well as a critical Maritime Anti terrorism base, it was of critical importance.

Was it the UK's Groom Lake? No.

That was (inside the UK borders at least) RAF West Freugh / Warton air corridor & if the oceans could tell tales, we would have a whole slew of amazing things to discuss.

As for fast moving radar sightings. They are true. What they were still remains highly classified. Why? Because certain technologies have not been duplicated anywhere else in the world even to this day.

So why did they stop? Collapse of the Soviet Union, the lack of threat to the North Atlantic, and the Russian decision to retreat back into the Russian borders.

In short, the 'need' died.

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