Re: ADS-B: which service/gear do people here use?

Message posted by Mark (Member since 09/02/2008) on August 20, 2021 at 3:31:05 PST:

I have ADSB/UAT receivers setup throughout the country, mainly at friends and relatives homes. I do not use the Raspberry PI, I found them to be rather unreliable due to thermal issues caused my internal operating temperatures as well as environmental changes as well. I use the oDroid XU4 for all of my remote ADSB receivers and PC's for local receivers, I only use PC's running Debian. I use he HackRF for all of my receivers, In the beginning I used RTL-SDR's but the quality and sensitivity of the RTL series of SDR is quite poor. Spend the money, buy decent equipment and gain excellent results. I also build my own antennas, I build 16 element Collinear antennas housed in a 1 inch diameter fiberglass housing, all my antennas have amplifiers at the antenna. The higher the antenna, the farther you reach over the horizon.

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