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Message posted by Night Stalker (Member since 05/22/2020) on April 16, 2021 at 0:09:00 PST:

Valid points, but I don't think that there's anything posted here that is that sensitive.

Whilst those of us on this forum may not know who other members really are, namely those who are or have been "in-the-know", it's a safe bet that their current employers certainly do.

This, like other message boards across all spectrums are well monitored, and I don't think anyone is naive enough to post anything that they shouldn't.

People who post on forums who are in-the-know usually have friends and sources who they trust, and don't want to see their careers abruptly ended. They also post just enough or vague enough without outright saying so.

You can be led to water, to open your mind and research more on technologies already published, and draw your own conclusions. It's not really giving anything away.

There are people here who will know far more than they can ever let on in a public forum, yet (probably) still knowing far less than others about what advancements in technology have been made, and what is really behind the closed hangar doors at Groom, Tonopah, Edwards South, Palmdale etc.

I dare say that some of the information on articles posted here, and other sites, is close to the money. Actually, there's a few informed people who've said here and elsewhere, that some posts are actually on the money...but have never said what ones for reasons I've just said. It may also be a long time, if ever, before there's a moment when the penny drops and we can say we knew that all along.

And as Joerg says, for those who really need to know what the US and other countries are doing, will have their means, and know far more than we will from posts here!

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