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Very interesting article and great piece of research work. Thanks for the post.

Having logged many hundred hours flying a Phantom 4 Pro (and two crashes!) I can guarantee these were no consumer drones. The limitations mentioned in the article are accurate.

San Nicholas and San Clemente Islands have long been home to secret NAVY UAV tests. I think it is conceivable that the ships were used as targets to test new technology. And from the sounds of it the test was successful. I bet most of those involved in the subsequent investigation were not briefed on the project. But what better way to secretly gather data on the test results than to have an investigation.

Of courser it won't be long before the UFO folks get a hold of the story, substitute "drone" with "UFO" and start muddying the waters. As they have with the NAVY F/A-18 videos that came out a year or so ago. It worked 60+ years ago for the U-2 and A-12 and it still works today.

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