Re: Here you go. Official RFI for armed UAV escorts

Message posted by Smythers on March 09, 2021 at 15:19:31 PST:

Oh yes. I stand 100% by what I said about 6 ship strike / escort packages for high value manned assets. And they will not be the 'off the shelf' efforts available now. These will be there to escort even the NGAD after 2030, so yes, I stand firmly by the sheds for unmanned fighters that I wrote months ago.

Also - Keep an eye out for bombers getting air to air missiles. Yes, it is being worked into the mix that self defense goes all the way to the big birds that haul troops and cargo. Funnily, their eyes and ears will be their escorts who will do all the dirty work - and use the manned assets as a last ditch magazine.

As for everything else? Well, if I were a real nerd? I'd click on that link, settle back with a cup of coffee and a thinking cap, then have at it.

* Crazy little snippet I heard around the watercooler - F117 are acting as enemy forces as we all knew, but the WHAT blew me away. Google XY-280 UCAV and have a look see.

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