Re: OT: Disaster in Lincoln County

Message posted by Angus on August 26, 2008 at 9:59:23 PST:

Clearly this would be unutterably bad news for everyone in Rachel and anyone who loves the place the way it is, but part of me is wondering whether the other, um, near neighbours would let something like this happen. Surely the kind of light pollution being discussed would muck up a lot of flight testing in the dark? And would the base feel quite so sure that what they were doing would stay under wraps if something like 50 per cent of the present population of Lincoln County were all to move to Rachel, at once? And what about all those extra people that a facility of that nature would bring with it, not just in terms of inmates and staff, and people to man the necessary infrastructure around it, but visitors and the businesses that would be set up to cater to them? I'm not saying "relax, it'll never happen, so don't worry about it," because I don't know enough about local politics and the various vested interests to be sure of that - but I really can't see the Air Force wanting this to go ahead, and I'm sure that however little they pay into Lincoln's coffers, they will definitely have a very loud voice in a decision of this type.

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