Re: OT: Prison in Rachel

Message posted by Randall on August 24, 2008 at 10:11:42 PST:

This could really kill a big part of people's lives. I mean the valley is known world wide as UFO mecca. With as many shows as they're are on the Discovery Channel covering this UFO junk, and the "Black Mailbox", it looks like we could get up a whole army of the nuts, umm cough cough "enthusiasts" to protest this prison. By the way, I'm a Correctional Officer and I've seen first hand how these private prisons are run. It's a joke that you don't want in your neighborhood. The inmates run these places. They tried it here in North Carolina and it lasted 2 years before the state had to seize the 2 prisons from Correction Corporation of America, and staff them with state employees.

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