OT: Prison in Rachel

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on August 24, 2008 at 9:54:55 PST:

Folks, this is off-topic, but extremely serious and important. Please read. More information will be posted shortly.

There are plans for a 2000 inmate private prison to be built less than 10 miles from Rachel, near Gunderson Road. These plans are quite far along, and if we don't act now, this will become a reality.

Please see the attached flyer for only a few of the problems this will cause for the Rachel area. This is not only of great importance for the residents of Rachel, but also for you, who like to visit this area because of its remoteness, and the clear dark skies at night. Well, with a 2000 bed prison, forget about sky-watching. Floodlights of the prison will cause light-pollution in the entire valley, and quite possibly in the adjacent valleys.

A meeting is planned with the staff of the planning commission on September 6th at 10.00 AM in the quonset hut in Rachel. Everyone concerned about the prison is invited to attend. For those who can not attend, we will post information shortly how you can help.

This is important. We need everyone's help to fight this. Thank you for your time.

Joerg H Arnu
Dreamland Resort Founder and Webmaster


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