Re: New site north of Area 51

Message posted by JoenTX on June 02, 2008 at 22:28:19 PST:

My bet goes with so many other posters here who know more about this than I.

These arrays are needed to work with a program/aircraft/unit/test that requires significant external electronic interaction for results. They aren't radars. Redundancy looks to be a serious consideration.

It's all pure conjecture, but corresponding with the completion of this new large hangar, all signs point to a new program of some size that requires serious and dedicated ground contact to do what is required of it at this stage in its development.

I'm leaning very much toward the reported N-G interim/next generation bomber operating as both a manned and unmanned vehicle or something similar. We have a large program requiring a new hangar, rampspace and additional electronic support to succeed.

We may be looking at the most obvious and apparent "secret" program to exist at Groom over the last 20 years. I still go back to the analytical approach of what's there, what it can do, and why would you need it.

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