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Message posted by JoenTX on June 03, 2008 at 22:25:14 PST:

Since NG apparently received a large infusion of unassigned testing & development dough in 2007 (if I recall correctly, could have been 2006) I would doubt that any type of full-scale near production "NGB" exists at this time. Northrop may likely have produced a subscale proof of concept demonstrator (i.e., a larger or manned X-45-ish type) to proove to the USAF it has an understanding of this type of aircraft and as a result they've been ceded the funds to produce a larger, near full-scale mule for serious testing. Ouila, we see the new large hanger and apron and taxiway and aerials to support the effort at Groom.

Again, looking back at history, the -117 was first hatched as the "Hopeless Diamond" in a form that was smaller, lighter, and simpler that the Nighthawk we know today simply to prove that it could exist. The same is likely for any "NGB" especially since N-G would be looking to essentially scale-up an existing airframe and prove its efficiency, affordabilty, operational flexibility.

The new hangar is large because it is expected to house two medium sized airplanes vs. one huge one? Yeah, possible. Since talk of the Next Generation Bomber from the authors and experts we've read so far would seem to indicate that the USAF wants a concrete manned unit to begin with that can be supplanted by a cheaper unmanned clone to accompany it.........would not mounting and supporting the two units in the same enclave using the same isolated people with similar tech knowledge that can maximize their ability and testing seem likely?

I think so. But, Hell, this could turn out to be the Firebird program to test nuclear bi-propulsion hybrid propulsion effects upon the environment and human remote pilots over extended mission cycles.

Nonetheless, we've got a big program needing a big hangar and a big apron that coincides with new odd arrays.

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