FAQ: What are the best spots to watch the sky at night ?

What are the best spots to watch the sky at night ?

The best (and easiest accessible) spots are along Hwy. 375. The most popular spot is the Black Mailbox, at the intersection of Hwy. 375 and Mailbox Road. You can often see sky watchers camp out there at night. If you camp there, please make sure that you do not block the road or the mailbox. A good place to camp is off the road on the right as you turn into Mailbox Road.

Another excellent view spot is the large gravel area south of the Highway between mile markers 32 and 33. This location has a slightly higher elevation, allowing a better view of the airspace over the base.

An even better high angle viewpoint is the Powerlines Overlook in the mountain range behind the Black Mailbox. However, it definitely requires a 4WD vehicle.

For details on the locations please see our Tikaboo Valley Map.
Please note the tips in our Watchers Etiquette section.

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