FAQ: What's up with the Black Mailbox, and why isn't it black?

What's up with the Black Mailbox, and why isn't it black ?

The famous Black Mailbox is located on Hwy. 375, between mile marker 29 and 30, at the intersection of Mailbox Road with the highway. The mailbox is often mistaken for the mailbox of Area 51. In reality it belongs to a local rancher, who owns the only ranch in Tikaboo Valley. Since it is the most prominent landmark along that part of the ET Highway it has become a popular place for sky watchers, searching the night skies over Area 51 for mysterious lights.

The original Black Mailbox was a regular black country mailbox. After the owner found his mail frequently searched for letters to Area 51, and supposedly even with bullet holes in it, he replaced the mailbox with a more solid white mailbox with a padlock. But most people still refer to it as the "Black Mailbox". According to Area 51 folklore the original box was auctioned off to a UFO fan in 1996 for $1000.

In August 2014 the white "Black Mailbox" disappeared. But the intersection is still a popular place for tourists.

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