Nellis AFB and Red Flag, March 8/9, 2011
by Joe Bart1

Tuesday March 8, 2011. First timer Nellis AFB. I parked at the racetrack about 1 p.m. or so and viewed Three B-2's coming in for a landing. AWACS plane landing, British tornadoes, and some C-130s. The next morning about 9, or 10 the thunderbirds were practicing at the AFB. I didn't make to the Cheyenne Ave viewing area though.

Wednesday March 9, 2011. First timer for Red Flag. I checked out the dreamlandresort page before I headed out and it has alot of helpful info on it. In Alamo the main gas station, a Sinclair, also has a convenience store with hot food, and a grocery store next to it w/ a deli. Friendly and well stocked. The drive up is quite desolate but scenic with mountains. The state highways are in great condition, unlike ours in Illinois where the winter's have us dodging potholes. My first stop was in Rachel at the Lil Ale Inn and looked over their souvenirs, it's worth the stop. I then went to Coyote Summit where I was joined by Al and low and behold Joerg the dreamlandresort webmaster. Both were friendly and schooled me on the area. We all hiked up Coyote Summit and joined two other fellows to watch. We had scanners on which made it really interesting. We saw A-10s, Tornados and C-130s fly right by us. High above us you could make out F15s and F22s dogfighting. Well after all that action we set still and waited and were greeted with a REALLY loud explosion, I thought for sure they were dropping live ordinance over the hill in the next valley and went to look for fire and smoke. Well after a good chuckle we all realized it was a sonic boom. I mean those jets must have been right over us high in the sky, it shook the whole summit. Joerg invited me back for Thursdays action at a place he called 'Ft Sims'. I never made it though. I'm glad I ran into Al and Joerg though. They both said to check out mafax definitely, and a firepower demonstration put on by the USAF by Tonopah I think. I headed back and it got dark about half way back to Las Vegas and I mean it is pitch black out there. I would definitely go back, and maybe go camping-the stargazing is unbelievable i'm told.

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