Area 51 Visit and Janet in Las Vegas, September 19, 2009
by Wouter Cappelle

So last saturday we went to Area 51, we started our trip at Las Vegas we went up north and our first stop was at Alamo, we took some gas and food, after that we found the famous white bus but in front of that bus was another pick up parked with a US gov Lic Plate (see pictures) after that we went up to the ET highway very soon we saw the GLR we drove on the road just to the signs, the cammo dudes where over there too. We were really nervous of course but after all we had some good pictures. Then we went to Rachel to the little Al inn for some drinks.

I told them that we just came back from a trip to GLR and they told us a story that happened the day before. 3 italians drove on GLR and crossed the border ( i dont know if the really crossed them by car or by foot when they took pictures) they all had to pay 650 usd and 1200 usd to get their car back. They showed their tickets in Little Al'ien inn. Very intresting story.

We drove further to Tonopah where we visited some old WWII hangars.

Last monday we took the plane from Las Vegas to San Francisco, while i was eating something in the Burger king (around 8 AM) i saw a Janet plane landing i was so angry on myself that i didn't took a picture of it. When we went to the gate (B25) i saw one more landing and 4 departures of janet planes. I shot some really amazing pictures. I put them all on my blog on the right side you can click on Area 51 and Area 51 part 2.

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