Red Lights in Tikaboo Valley, July 8, 2007
by Mark

Our family went out for the first time and camped for one night at the gravel area off Hwy 375 as mentioned on this website. I really educated myself using this website and felt like I knew the area when I got there. Nothing too out of the ordinary happened but the visit only made me even more curious and I plan on making several other visits. I agree with something I read that just being in the desert in the middle of no where at night was an experience in itself.

First, we ate at the A'Le'Inn and was especially impressed with the food for such an off the wall place. We took all the familiar pictures and then headed out to camp after it was already dark.

When we pulled in our headlights must have alerted the security force because all of a sudden all these dim red lights starting showing up. I assume these were some kinda night vision looking at us from the base of the mountain and they would move around occasionally.

I am puzzled by one thing. There was two stationary red lights that were barely visable unless you used binoculars. About two am they "appeared" to intensify and emit first verticle and then horizontal "sparks or rays" looking lights. Really freaky! If someone knows what those are; let me know.

Mark (

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