Janets, TSA, County Cops (August 14, 2005)
by Hank Shaw

This morning I took a run out to see if the Janets were ok. I was there about 3 minutes when the TSA guy in the gray car showed up. Guess he didnt like what I was doing or probably where I was doing it from. He just pulled up and didn't get out of the car. I took a few steps back from where I was but kept taking pictures.

A Las Vegas county cop was about 30 seconds behind him. He pulled up to the TSA guy and went to his car and then came over to me. He asked me what I was doing and I said taking pictures of the Janets. Then he asked me where I work. He then asked for identification and when I gave him my drivers license he went back into the car. Probably running me for warrents.

After about 5 minutes he returned my license and again asked me where I work. I asked him why the job questions. He said the TSA wanted the information. I asked him why the TSA guy didn't ask me, and he said he wouldn't get out of the car because he had no uniform on. He said that he could cite me for trespassing but if I left immediatly and didn't come back there would be no citation. He was not very happy when he first showed up but the longer we talked the more polite he got. Told him goodbye and went to breakfast.

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