Distant TTR view spot on Hwy 6

If you are in a hurry or don't have a vehicle suitable for dirt roads you can still take a look at TTR. However, this view spot, right on Hwy 6 between Tonopah and Warm Springs is 24 miles from TTR; about the same distance as from Tikaboo Peak to Area 51. You will need good optics and a clear day.

Coming from Tonopah the view spot is on the right (south) side of the highway, just past mile marker 22 and just before a large transformer station. There is a small rise in the desert floor next to the highway that is ideal to pull up and watch the base. Look south, away from the highway, in between two hills in the foreground. With good optics you can see Janets and other aircraft fly in and out of the base. It is also a good location to run a radio scanner.

Contrary to common belief the transformer nearby is not connected to TTR. It is simply an inline regulator for the power lines that run along the highway.

GPS Coordinates

View spot  N38° 7.335'  W116° 52.530'

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