TTR Panorana 10/06/2001

Rare panorama of the TTR flightline. Click in the picture to enlarge. On the left, along the runway, you can see several rows of hangars. They were used for the F-117 Stealth Fighter evaluation in the 1980's, when it was still a Black Project. The control tower can be seen on the right, and on the far right are more, larger hangars and the Janet terminal.

In the background you can see fuel tanks, a water tower and a large building with what looks like a large radar on the roof. The hills in the foreground are the "Monitor Hills" with Monitor Peak on the far right. They are located on public land, and afford an excellent view over TTR.

Most TTR panoramas are taken from a view spot east of the base, showing the runway and flight line partially hidden by hangars. This rare panorama was taken from an elevated location near Tonopah, over 30 miles north-west of the base with a clear view of the flight line. Taken on 10/6/2001.

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