Aerial Photos of Practice Targets in the NTTR

There are dozens of practice targets in the vast area of the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR). Some are used for simulated air-to-ground attacks others are used for drops of live ammunitions. The aerial photos below show some of the better known targets. Publication on Dreamland Resort with friendly permission. Click in the photos to enlarge. Click the coordinates under the photos to see the target in Google satellite view.


A practice target with a mock air field in the center of Range 62B. The airfield also features several buildings and hangars, ground vehicles and even several aircraft on the ramp. The complex above the airfield is a town created from shipping containers known as Gotham City. It is used for aerial target practice as well as for urban warfare training exercises. Gotham City features a downtown area, a sports park, industrial area, suburban and downtown buildings, a highway intersection and even a river through downtown. It is located just south of a dry lake bed referred to as Dog Bone Lake by pilots (36 46.806'N / 115 26.612'W) Photos November 24, 2019

The Korean Airfield in Range 76, near the Tolicha Peak Electronic Combat Range (TPECR). The close-up shows several vehicles, including armored military vehicles, lined up as targets along one of the roads leading to the air field. The field is modeled after the Soviet Air Base Jüterbog Airfield in former Soviet-occupied East Germany. Apparently it also resembles typical air fields from the time of the cold war in North Korea. There are several SAM sites in the vicinity of the airfield as simulated ground defenses. In the Summer of 2006 an almost identical replica of the air field was built about 5 miles NNW of the original field in the center of Range 76. (37 21.823'N / 116 49.711'W) Photos May 24, 2020

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