Air-Air Refueling in Southern Nevada

This page shows the Air-Air Refueling Areas (AARAs) that are located in southern Nevada around the Red Flag Play area only. All refueling areas shown in the map are approximate.
Frequencies for the Areas are below the map. However these frequencies may not be used for the actual exercise, you will have to monitor this yourself.

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AARA 625L and H on the left-hand side extends from California and is used for Air Warrior and Edwards AFB Testing as well as China Lake Operations if needed.

Frequencies for the above are:-
Area I.P frequency Primary
Boom Freq.
Boom Freq.
Control Authority
AARA 625L 319.800291.900319.500319.800 Oakland Center
AARA 625H 319.800295.800319.500319.800 Oakland Center
AARA 635 360.800352.600319.500360.800 Salt Lake Center
AARA 641A 343.600295.400319.500343.600 Los Angeles Center
AARA 641B 385.800295.400319.500385.800 Salt Lake Center

I.P frequency: Used for rendezvous and entry into the AARA.
Primary Boom Frequency: This will have the actual AAR on it.
Secondary Boom Frequency: If the Primary is not good.
Egress/Exit Frequency: Frequency of which they will disengage and go enroute.

Refueling Tankers to identify: (Click on the designation for more information, or in the picture to zoom in)
 KC-135  Similar to Boeing 707 with 4 engines and a boom extending from the tail downwards.
One fighter can be refueled at a time.
KC-10 Similar to the DC-10 with 3 engines, 1 on each wing and 1 on the tail section with a boom extending downwards from the tail.
One fighter can be refueled at a time.
VC-10 Royal Air Force Strategic Tanker with a long fuselage and 2 engines on either side of the rear fuselage in similar layout to the MD-80 engines but 4 engines instead of 2 on the MD80.
Three fighters can be refueled at the same time with the VC-10. This can normally be seen flying over the Rachel area on AARA 641A.

The VC-10 is slightly larger than the KC-135 and so is easily identified. It also has the hose and Drogue system rather than the Boom.
You may also see the RAF VC-10s refueling Canadian CF-188 (F/A-18s) and also Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornets as well as other foreign forces which use the hose and drogue system such as German Tornados or the like.
KC10 and KC135 also have a drogue system, which extends out of the boom to refuel aircraft that are not equipped with the boom system.

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