Red Flag 11-3 (02/21/2011 - 03/11/2011)

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RAF Tornado GR4A of No. 2 Squadron, RAF Marham (nickname "Shiny Two"); Role: Reconnaissance

RAAF C-130H Hercules, Tail #A97-005 and A97-009 of No. 37 Squadron, RAAF Base Richmond; Role: Air Transport

USAF A-10A, tail #80-0264 of the 107th FS "Red Devils", Michigan Air National Guard
Check out the pilot: He is waving at the guy on the hill with the big lens


A-10's having fun around Coyote Summit

B-2 returning from a mission at high altitude. Nice spotting, Pat!
Beyond Words... Photo by Alan Gudaitis, with friendly permission

High above Coyote Summit - waiting for the adrenaline rush... Photos by Alan Gudaitis, with friendly permission

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