Red Flag 07-2.2 (02/03/2007 - 02/17/2007)

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Royal Australian Air Force C-130H Hercules, Tail #A97-003 and A97-010. Role: Troop and equipment transport, airdrop

Royal Australian Air Force F-111C Aardvark, Tail #A8-129. Role: Medium-range strategic bomber, reconnaissance and tactical strike

USAF F-117 Stealth Fighter, tail #82-0803, 8th FS, Holloman AFB, NM. Role: Tactical fighter and light bomber. First operational stealth aircraft
USAF B-2A Stealth Bomber "Spirit of Arizona", Tail #82-1067, 393d BS, Whiteman AFB, MO. Role: Multi-role stealth bomber, capable of delivering conventional and nuclear payloads

British Royal Air Force Tornado. Role: Strike aircraft for close air support, counter air attack and defense suppression

USAF F-16C, Tail #91-0358, 522nd FS, Cannon AFB, NM. Role: Lightweight multi-role fighter
USAF F-15, 65th Aggressor Squadron, Nellis AFB, NV. Role: Tactical air superiority fighter

US Navy EA-6B Prowler, tail #NL-530, Electronic Attack Squadron VAQ-133 "Wizards", Whidbey Island NAS. Role: Electronic warfare, communications and radar jamming
A-10A Warthog, tail #80-0200, 66th WPS, Nellis AFB, NV. Role: Close air support of ground forces (CAS) and forward air control (FAC)

RC-135W Rivet Joint, tail #62-4125, 38th RS, Offutt AFB, NE. Role: Electronic warfare, electromagnetic reconnaissance
MC-130P Combat Shadow, tail #66-0223, 129th RQS, CA ANG, Moffett NAS, CA. Role: Air refueling for special ops helicopters over hostile territory, air drops

F-22 Raptor, 94th FS, Langley AFB, VA. Role: Next generation low-observable (stealth) air superiority fighter.
First time participating in Red Flag!
E-8C Joint STARS, tail #97-0201, GA ANG, Robins AFB, GA. "Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System". Role: Airborne command and control platform, ground surveillance

British RAF C-130 flying low through the Coyote Summit gap. Role: Troop and cargo transport, air drop
One of 27 U.S.-built Roland SAM sites at Coyote Summit. Originally a European design, the US version was built in the early 1980's. Role: Mobile ground threat; surface to air missile launcher with doppler search and tracking radar systems

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