Red Flag Photos: F-16 Fire and B-1B at Nellis
Red Flag 02-4: 8/31/2002 - 9/14/2002

Photos and text by Hank, with friendly permission. Click on any picture to enlarge.

B-1B, at Nellis AFB during Red Flag 02-4, 9/12/02.


These pics were taken on the next to last day of Red Flag, Friday the 13th. I was at the north fence at Nellis at about 4:00 PM. Everything was normal to the eye but the scanner lit up with emergency calls after the aircraft touched down. It didnt say what the cause was, but as the fire seemed to run from the front gear to the tail, it could have been the brakes. (just a guess). The pilot got out ok. They used both foam and water. It took them about 10 minutes before they were done.

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