Tenets of Red Flag

This document was provided by the Air Force in response to a Freedom of Information Act request regarding Red Flag schedule and objectives. The document is not dated, but it was provided in January 2002.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the tenets listed below is to define the scope of RED FLAG, 'What it is" and "What it is not" and to provide p1anning and execution guidance to participants and executing agencies. Any changes to these tenets will require ACC/DO and AWFC/CC approval.

OBJECTIVE: The approved Tenets will be incorporated into COMACC EXPLAN 80. Each of the staff OPRs listed below will develop a CONOPS, as required, of sufficient detail to provide required guidance for implementation into FLAG exercises. The CONOPS will be added to COMACC EXPLAN 80 as attachments for planning and guidance purposes.

1. Flying Safety

2. Replicate "first 10 days" of war

3. Provide AEP/AEW opportunity to plan and employ together.

4. Gather and disseminate lessons learned (LL)

5. Opportunity for free exchange and employment of tactical ideas

6. RED FLAG will afford airmen the opportunity to practice employment tactics throughout the full spectrum of tactical warfare (i.e. practice the way we plan to fight).

7. RED FLAG affords the opportunity to introduce aircrews to tactical enablers that are critical to the success of tactical warfare.

8. RED FLAG will replicate viable and current threats, target arrays, and C2 architectures in scenarios that simulate a cross section representation of significant Areas of Responsibility (AOR) throughout the world.

9. RED FLAG "U.S.-only" periods will be reserved to fully integrate Special Access Programs (SAP), Special Access Required (SAR) elements of tactical warfare into RED FLAG.

10. RED FLAG will not be used as a test bed for programs or tactics that are not operationally approved nor is it an environment to conduct inspections, evaluations, or mission qualification checks.

11. Red Flag will provide (NAF and) unit Intel a realistic training environment.

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