R-2508 Restricted Area Usage

Below is the Air Force Flight Test Center(AFFTC) Low Level Terrain Following Test areas....the places you will see alsorts of exotic aircraft flying....
On this page i will show you with the help of Edwards AFB Documents where to see the action and test flying of aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor on flight tests and Global Hawk UAV tests etc.

Above you can see the layout of Edwards AFB at the bottom left hand corner(S/West).  The Edwards AFB Restricted area is marked with a black line orbiting the base and local area.  Above you can see also areas of Terrain Following High Speed Flight and also a Supersonic Corridor.
To see these areas...you have to go to the following:

From Highway 58 on the four corners junction(Kramar Junction) drive north. The road you are now on(H395) goes to Bishop and up through China Lake....this road will be the most profitable in Aircraft sightings. It takes you through the Low Altitude high speed corridor and also on the right is the supersonic corridor of which you will see aircraft doing the runs.

10.3.1. There are 7 single-leg TFRs approved for test use only. Route width is centerline navigation
These are: Haystack Range, 34º48N 118º03W to 34º52N 117º33W (supersonic tests permitted). Desert Butte, 35º05.05N 117º01W to 35º05.0N 117º56W (underlies Cords Road Test Area). Harper, 35º10N 117º53W to 35º01N 117°16W. Saltdale, 35º19N 117º47W to 35º03N 117º01W. Black Mountain, 35º11N 117º02W to 35º11N 117º25W (supersonic tests permitted). Rough One, 35º15N 118º08W to 35º55N 118º08W. Rough Two, 35º44N 118º00W to 35º55N 117º59W.
10.3.2. A terrain following area, Eureka Valley, is bounded by: 37º12N 117º50W to 37º12N 117º42W to
37º02N 117º35W to 36º59N 117º42W.

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