Crash Sites around Area 51 and the Nellis Ranges

There are dozens of aircraft crash sites in the desert around Rachel and the Nellis Ranges. Most of the sites on public land have been cleaned up pretty good soon after the crash, like the Harrier crash in the southern Quinn Canyon Range in the late 1990's. However, there are a few sites where most of the wreckage is still intact, mostly in remote locations. In order to preserve the sites we do not publish the exact locations.

The table below lists all known crash sites around Rachel, NV and the Northern NTTR. With friendly permission by the official Rachel, Nevada Web Site. Thanks also to Chuck Clark from Rachel for providing much of the information below.

For more information, see: United States Air Force - Class A Aerospace Mishaps

Aircraft Accidents around Rachel, NV and the Northern NTTR
A Dassault Mirage F-1 (N567EM) operated by private contractor Draken International LLC crashed after takeoff in a residential neighborhood less than 2 miles south of Nellis AFB. The aircraft was part of a fleet providing realistic threat and adversary simulation for Air Force pilots. The civilian pilot, Nicholas Hunter Hamilton of Las Vegas, attempted to eject at low altitude but was killed.2245 N. Christy Lane, Las Vegas, NVMay 24, 2021
Mid-air collision of two USAF Thunderbirds during a training flight. One aircraft made it back to Nellis AFB, the other F-16, Thunderbird #4, impacted the ground at a steep angle. The pilot, first-year Thunderbirds pilot Maj. Stephen Del Bagno, was killed.Nevada Test and Training Range between Creech AFB and Groom LakeApril 4, 2018
2x A-10C (#79-0204 & 78-0657) assigned to the 66th WS, 57th Wing crashed after a mid-air collision during a night time mission; both pilots ejected safelyRange 65C of the NTTRSeptember 6, 2017
Area 51 Red Hat squadron commander Lt. Col. Eric Schultz was killed when his highly classified aircraft crashed during a training flight; aircraft was operated by the Air Force Material Command and is rumored to be a foreign aircraftNTTR, approximately 100 miles NW of Nellis AFBSeptember 5, 2017
USAF HH-60 Pave Hawk (#91-026407, 66th RQS, Nellis AFB) crashed during a Red Flag nighttime training mission; crew of 4 survived with minor injuries.12 miles north of HikoAugust 18, 2016
Douglas A-4 Skyhawk supporting the 57th Wing at Nellis AFB crashed returning from an exercise. Pilot ejected with minor injuries. The aircraft is owned by Draken International, a civilian contractor that provides "adversary" training for Nellis Fighter Weapons School pilots.3/4 mile north of Nellis AFBAugust 18, 2016
USAF MQ-9 Reaper UAV (#09-004065), assigned to the 57th Wing at Nellis AFB, participating in a combat training mission as part of the U.S. Air Force Weapons School Mission Employment phase. No injuries.2.5 miles NE of Mt. IrishDecember 5, 2012
USAF F-15C (#80-0041, 422 TES Nellis AFB), callsign "Eagle 01" on a training exercise, crashed on federal land near Ash Springs. Pilot ejected and was not injured3.75 miles ENE of Ash SpringsOctober 24, 2011
USAF F-16C (#85-1413, 64th AGRS, Nellis AFB), crashed during a dog-fight, pilot did not eject and was killed on impact20 miles west of CalienteJune 28, 2011
USAF F-15D (#85-0131, 65th AGRS, Nellis AFB), one pilot was killed, one survived with injuries23 miles NW of RachelJuly 30, 2008
Beech B-1900C (N27RA), Commuter flight en route from Groom Lake to TTR, pilot suffered a fatal heart attack during approach, pilot and four JT3 contractors died7 miles southeast of TTRMarch 16, 2004
USAF F-15C (#86-0173), pilot ejected and survived with no injuries13 miles north of RachelAugust 3, 2000
Mid-air collision of two F-15; both crashed; all crew members ejected and survived with some injuries; F-15C (#82-0008) and F-15D (#79-0013)About 21 miles NW of Rachel, over the dry lake in Railroad Valley ("Bearpaw")June 16, 1999
British GR-7 Harrier; pilot ejected just before impact and survived with numerous broken bones8.6 miles NW of RachelJanuary 29, 1999
USAF F-117A #83-815, no attempt to eject, accident attributed to spatial disorientation of pilot Major Michael C. Stewart, who was killed on impact20NM W of RachelOctober 14, 1987
Mid-air collision of two Norwegian F-16A (#80-3684/684 and #80-3686/686); #686 returned to Nellis, #684 crashed; pilot ejected safelyRachel PlaygroundJuly 10, 1986
Marine Corps HarrierNear the old Rachel Dump SiteSpring 1984
Lieutenant General Robert M. Bond was killed when he lost control during an evaluation flight with a Russian MiG-23Area 25 of the NTSApril 26, 1984
USAF F-4E (#73-1180), both crewmen diedEast side of Tempiute MountainMarch 23, 1982
USAF F-16A (#78-0006), pilot ejected safely2 miles NE of Rachel (?)October 1, 1979
Have Blue 1002, test pilot Lt. Col. Norman K. Dyson ejected safely35 miles NW of Groom LakeJuly 11, 1979
USAF F-4D (#66-0227), crashed on ingress during Red Flag, no survivorsNorth end of Groom Range
about 6 miles SSW of Rachel
March 7, 1979
Canadian Air Force CF-104 Starfighter (#104754), crashed on egress during Red Flag 79-4 after accidentally entering Area 51 Air Space, Captain B.B. Reid was killedBald Mountain, just below the peak
about 13 miles south of Rachel
February 21, 1979
USAF F-4, both crewmen ejected safelyNear Ash Springs, NV; approx. 40 miles SE of RachelDec. 1, 1978,9.40am
Have Blue 1001, landing gear damage after hard landing attempt, aircraft ran out of fuel trying to extend damaged gear and was destroyed on impact, test pilot Bill Park ejected with injuriesVicinity of Groom LakeMay 4, 1978
USAF F-15B (#75-00085), crashed during Fighter Weapons Instructor Course; both crewmen were killedSouth of CalienteDecember 6, 1977
Canadian CF-104 Starfighter (#104775), crashed during Red Flag
Pilot Maj. J. Michel A. Coutu was killed
West face of Mt. Irish or
North end of Groom Range (?)
November 16, 1977
USAF F-4E (#68-0518), no survivorsNear the Seeps, 11.5 miles NE of RachelSept. 2, 1977
A-12 Spy Plane (#928), ran out of fuel, pilot Walter Ray ejected but was killed on impact when his ejection set failed to separate70 miles east of Groom LakeJan. 1967

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A-12 Spy Plane crash (#928) in January 1967

F-15C crash during the last Green Flag Exercises in August 2000

F-4E crash in 1982 on the east side of Tempiute Mountain

F-4D crash site from 1979 in the northern end of the Groom Range

F-4E crash site from 1977 near The Seeps

B-83 Thermonuclear Practice Bomb near Range 61

The remains of a tow target on the northern slope of Tikaboo Peak

Refueling probe in the Pahranagat Mountain Range

1937 Chevy near Groom Lake Road

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