USAF F-117A #83-815, October 14, 1987

F-117A #83-815 crashed on October 14, 1987 inside Range 74 during a routine single-ship night mission. There was no indication of trouble in the radio transmissions prior to the accident. Visibility was clear but it was a moonless night and there were no other visual references such as lights on the ground inside the range. The aircraft struck the ground at a steep angle and the pilot, Major Michael C. Stewart, was killed on impact without an attempt to eject. The accident report blamed the accident on spatial disorientation of the pilot during high-speed maneuvers.

The memorial below was set up by Jeremy Krans and the Strategic Beer Command near the "Cactus Gate" to Range 74 (aka "Alpha") on the closest spot to the crash site on public land.

Photos by Bob Clabaugh. Click photos to enlarge

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