Re: Please Tell Me This Is A Glitch…

Message posted by LDP (Member since 11/16/2007) on December 20, 2021 at 14:16:52 PST:

Check public access data, DAL1837, B737-800, regularly operates Cabo San Lucas (SJD) to Seattle (SEA) non-stop. However today, the flight diverted to LAX for reasons unknown. In any case, flight plan routes should be well west of the Nellis airspace and not a factor.

During my airline years about 10 years ago, We had a flight, from Houston (IAH) to San Francisco that was mistakenly cleared by ATC enroute from BLD (Boulder) direct to OAL (Coaldale,NV). This was during the Christmas holidays when selected military airspace is typically released for civilian use to save time/fuel. However, this track traversed R4808N which to my knowledge is never released to civil ops. Once the error was revealed, the flight was again re-routed to more conventional routing.

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