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This will be in relation to Machrihanish and the 90's. This is kind of my thoughts and researches and putting 2+2 to get a bigger picture.

This is your post from the "Boscombe Down" thread on here, unrelated to Boscombe but related to Machrihanish:
"Ever lit a real big firework rocket at ground level? Ear splitting roar indeed - Whoopsie - and then 'Whoosh and away'- but wowser does it ever create a nasty wake as it climbs at 80 degrees!

... Almost like the first effort vanished because of the end of the cold war. Imagine a base, far behind the frontline, defended by the entire UK G/I/UK gap defense force, from where you could just lob missiles deep into soviet advances to decimate their forces with all but impunity."

and here is another post you left here:
"As for fast moving radar sightings. They are true. What they were still remains highly classified. Why? Because certain technologies have not been duplicated anywhere else in the world even to this day.

So why did they stop? Collapse of the Soviet Union, the lack of threat to the North Atlantic, and the Russian decision to retreat back into the Russian borders.

In short, the 'need' died. "

Machrihanish base was closed in 1995 so just a few years after fall of the Soviet Union. Radar blimps stopped around 92-93. I think after the 'need' died they left the Machrihanish as there was no need to use it again.
Without addressing anything specific, could you tell whether my suspicions are correct?

And second question, are both of the aforementioned quotes of you in relation to one and the same system(thing) and what are you referring to in the first quote as "Assult Breaker" and what are you referring to in your second quote is about one and the same thing?



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